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Col. Ladron de Guevara
Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico


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"The most common mistakes for expats when doing business in Mexico occur for not having the right counsel and advise about the legal, financial, business, immigration, security and country know how".   


Mexico is a great country, full of friendly people, amazing food, great weather, low cost of living, and yet offering many opportunities to all kinds of people; whether if you are looking to start a new business, seeking retirement to a warmer place, investing on a vacation property or just looking to spend some time off away from the bad weather and hectic routine of the big cities, Mexico has it all. Nevertheless Mexico is not for everyone to move in, specially not for an expat who has never lived in the country, does not speak Spanish, and has not experienced the day to day hurdles regarding getting the right services, finding the right place to live, getting the proper immigration permits, where to send the kids to school, security concerns, and basically everything else in the middle you will need to deal with for not getting screwed by a smart Mexican, as I seen many cases over the years, of expat friends and nice people who where investing their life savings to retire or start a business chasing the Mexican Dream and instead end up getting  scammed, robbed, or not getting the best deal as they would in their country of origin.

Lets face it, yes there are many great places where to live, invest or vacation in Mexico, and yes your $401K savings will definitely last longer than staying at home as long as you get the proper expert advise and make the right decisions.

We at MexAdviser are here to help you, we want to become your partner and guide you to make the best decisions to make your venture successful with a peace of mind; following 3 basic principles; know who to deal with, where to put your money and where to go or not to go when safety is in everyones concern when making the trip south of the border. Over the past 20 years we have build a network of experienced professionals who will deal and resolve most of the common issues an expat would go through in order to start a business, invest or make a living in Mexico. Part of our success is to be able to build tailored made solutions for each customer, creating trust and addressing each issue with the right professional for the job. Some of these solutions are;

  • Legal and Public Notary

  • Guarded Security services for executives and families.

  • Real Estate Services 

  • Inmigration and temporary visa residency processes

  • Investment Advisory

  • Construction Project Management 

  • Vendor screening and supplier approval

  • Head Hunting

  • Start Ups and new Business Consultations

  • Taxes, Social Security and Accounting

  • Relocation Planning 

  • School selection and admittance process




We offer comprehensive one on one consultation through Skype or phone call. During the 1 hour conversation we would be able to get a sense of the issue and provide a quick feedback to move into further actions.

During the weekly consultation, we will be able to advise through Skype, phone call as required and kick off an action plan or potentially complete a short term assignment.

For our project consultation services, we provide a tailored made solution, each case would be handled differently and quoted besed on a specific timeline, action plan and resources allocated to the job.