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Carlos F Landeros 658
Col. Ladron de Guevara
Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico


Tel: +52(33)-21532183

  • MexAdviser - Expert Consultation

1 hour Consultation


We offer comprehensive one on one consultations through Skype or phone call. During the 1 hour conversation we would be able to get a sense of the issue and provide a quick feedback to move into further actions. At this point of the interview we will advise the next steps to follow and provide a written recommendation of what from our perspective makes sense to do.

Please dont expect to get a solution in 1 hour. You will be assess on the severity of your matter, the best way to handle and provide further action. Please consider some issues take months to resolve. Please be patient.


    ** The consultation time will be scheduled once the payment confirmation has been received, you will receive an email with further instructions in order to set the conference call through skype**


    The 1 hour consultation will be held through skype on a one on one scenario. During this time you will be able to ask all questions regarding your issue.